Vitale Class CD 54 Liters Autoclave

Vitale Class CD 54 Liters Autoclave

Class S Autoclave, developed for sterilization of packed and unpacked heat-resistant articles/instruments using saturated steam under pressure.

Ideal for dental clinics (implantology and surgery), medical clinics (gynecology and plastic surgery), veterinary clinics, laboratories and hospital outpatient.

The equipment is produced within the most strict quality standards, having a traceability system according to the NBR ISO 13485 standard.

Door with motorized opening and locking system.

Monitoring of preventive information and cycles with internal clock and calendar.

Periodic warnings for preventive maintenance and biological monitoring.

Reports of sterilization cycles parameters saved to flash drive (pdf).

Software update by USB port.

Error diagnosis system.

6 programs: Wrapped Instruments / Unwrapped Instruments / Plastic and Cotton / Surgical Kit and Fabrics / Liquids / Extra Drying.

220V voltage.

54 liters capacity.

3 anodized aluminium trays.

Ultra-efficient drying with the door closed.

Indicates when there's Lack of water inside the reservoir.

It has 27 security systems including door key and door lock, electronic data crossing system and electronic power control system.

1-year warranty.

For further information, see the instructions manual.

This equipment is manufactured by Cristófoli Biossegurança, brazilian importing company and manufacturer of health care products certified by "ISO 13485 – Produtos para a saúde – Sistemas de Gestão da Qualidade – Requisitos para fins regulamentares e atendimento aos requisitos da RDC 16/2013 - BPF - ANVISA".
Color White with blue control keyboard
Amount of water used per cycle 1.000 ml of distilled water
Capacity 54 Liters
Chamber Stainless steel
Power 3.600 Watts
Voltage 220 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Dimensions Autoclave: 54 x 60,8 x 80 cm (L x A x P) / Chamber: 34 x 66 cm (D x P)
Gross Weight 89,5 kg
Trays Dimensions 28 x 2,5 x 47 cm (L x A x P)
Warranty 1 year
ANVISA Register 10363350017

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Vitale Class CD 54 Liters Autoclave

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