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Autoclave Amora; Autoclave Cristófoli for Beauty Salon

Namastê to the new Cristófoli Autoclave: Amora

Did you know that the Amora fruit (blackberry) came from India? It has passed through the palaces of Taj Mahal and the street markets of New Delhi. Because their strong color the Indians women used it as a natural lipstick, to enhance their beauty. Just like cloves and cinnamon, the Amora (blackberry) is considered a spice and was introduced into the world through India. It went a long journey to Brazil and ended up adapting very well to the tropical environment. That fruit has many health benefits and still tastes great. Inspired by Indian fruit and culture, Cristófoli wants to offer to its beauty clients the same experience: protecting health and pleasing the user.

Technical Specifications

Autoclave Amora


What the Amora Autoclave can do for you?



Taking care of beauty is also taking care of health. That is why sterilization of professional’s instruments is essential to prevent infections and the transmission of diseases such as mycoses, fungi, hepatitis B, C and HIV.


Specially developed to meet the need of manicurists, pedicures, beauticians, pedologists and tattoo artists. Amora Autoclave presents high technology with an easy handling. In just 38 minutes you will have sterilized instruments with all the security and tranquility you need.


Take a good care of your customers by offering sterile and safe materials and instruments. The instruments come out sterile of the Autoclave, ready to be used. All this care adds value to the service offered, becoming more attractive to users.


A sterilizer specially designed to attend the needs of beauty professionals. Steam sterilization is an important ally for the health protection of manicures, podiatrists, body-artists, tattoo artists, beauticians and clients who use these services. This is the proposal of Amora, Cristófoli's newest autoclave. The modern design and its size make the Amora ideal to be in establishments that has beauty as the main purpose.

Por que ter uma autoclave?

Utilizar autoclave para esterilização dos instrumentos profissionais significa estar dentro das normas de exigência da ANVISA e também respeitar a saúde dos clientes. A Lei 12.592 de 18 de janeiro de 2012 reconhece a profissão de manicure e a responsabilidade desse profissional pela esterilização dos instrumentos. Portanto, o profissional responde legalmente se um de seus clientes se contaminar ou ter uma infecção por conta da falta de esterilização dos instrumentos. Para isso é fundamental a utilização de um equipamento de qualidade, que garanta a efetividade da esterilização, eliminando tais riscos.

Veja as normas do seu Estado para a instalação e funcionamento de salões de beleza, manicure, podologia, clínicas estéticas, estúdios de depilação, etc.

Distrito Federal | Paraná | Rio Grande do Sul | Santa Catarina




Cristófoli Biosafety Quality

Developed according to Cristófoli quality standards, the Amora Autoclave has a stainless steel chamber that makes cleaning easier and sterilizes 5 pouches per cycle in just 38 minutes, besides it is dual voltage that works efficiently in all electrical networks. It has several control systems that guarantee sterilization and safety during the process. Cristófoli manufactures its equipment according to the standard ISO and BPF – Boas Práticas de Fabricação – ANVISA (Brazilian standard similar to GMP – FDA/US).


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Buy intention

Amora: beauty with protection :

  • 38 minutes for sterilization.
  • Ideal for beauty salons with 1 to 2 manicures. Also suitable for podiatrists, body-artists, tattoo artists and beauticians.
  • Capacity: 4 liters.
  • Stainless steel chamber and lid for easy cleaning.
  • Sterilizes 5 pouches per cycle.
  • Panel available in Lilac.
  • Drying with the door half-open.
  • Extra drying cycle.
  • Comes with hose for installation.
  • 1-year warranty.

Cristófoli Technical Support
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Cristófoli Specialized Technicians

By purchasing our equipment, you will count with the biggest technical assistance network in Brazil. It is more than 370 points in the country and in more than 30 countries in Latin America, Europe and Asia.

How to use Amora

The Amora Autoclave was specially developed for beauty professionals. It has intelligent software that assures safety sterilization. Everything is easier to handle with the indicatives LEDs and alarms that guide you about the stages of cycle and the extra drying function.

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Who has Amora, loves it

The Amora Autoclave pleases beauty professionals from all over Brazil. The use of an autoclave in your establishment is more than follow standards, it offers security and protection to your clients and the professional. Who has Amora, loves it. Check the testimonies.

  • Ieda

    “I had never used an Autoclave before, I used a old equipment that did not give me confidence. I knew the importance of sterilizing the instruments. The Amora Autoclave was a determining factor in my work, because it is small, efficient and fast, not to mention that it is super easy to use. It is a completely reliable equipment because you are sure that your instruments will come out clean and ready to use. Customers are even more confident about our work.”

  • Jociane

    "What I liked the most about Amora is that it is small and fast, which makes our work faster. I do not have to wait to collect many pliers to put in a large autoclave, the Amora is small and does the same job. For us who work with cutting material, sterilization is essential, not only for the health of the client, but for ours as well. "

Beauty Tips

Learn how to sterilize your pliers, spatulas and tweezers.