Policy and Mission

Policy and Mission

Policy and Mission

Cristófoli Quality and Environmental Policy

Established at Street São José, 3209, Área Urbanizada II in Campo Mourão / PR - Brazil - Zip code 87.307-799 , Cristófoli Equipamentos de Biossegurança Ltda., manufactures biosafety equipment to assist the health care field having as policy:

“Develop innovative solutions for the health care field by agile, robust and objective processes to better attend its clients. Fulfill the requirements for regulatory purposes of the applicable standards, promote the continuous improvement of its quality and environmental systems, prevent pollution, reduce its environmental impacts and continuous training of its employees, achieving this way, a sustainable profitability and the maximization of the company's value.” (Rev.2)


"Become a worldwide reference in the health care field by growing up with creativity, rentability and respect to people.".


“Develop innovative solutions to protect life and promote health."