CH100 Autoclave Cristófoli

Equipment produced within the strictest quality standards, in accordance with national and international standards. In compliance with RDC 15, 16 and 17 standards. Capacity of 105 liters. Digital with IHM color touchscreen. Six pre-set programs + 2 configurable programs. 25 Security Systems. Dot matrix printer. Horizontal chamber. Vertical door with thermal insulation and automatic sliding system with guides and anti-crushing safety device. Equipped with safety valves. Flanged steam generator with power of 18kW. Vacuum pump incorporated. Programmable logic controller. Access control system and user level.

Autoclave for steam sterilization under pressure. Ideal for Emergency Care Units, Laboratory, companies of Biomedicine and Pharmacology, medical clinics, veterinary and dentistry.

Technical Specifications

CH100 Autoclave Cristófoli

Cristófoli Biosafety Quality

This equipment is manufactured by Cristófoli Biossegurança, Brazilian importing company and manufacturer of health care products certified by ISO 13485 – Health care Products – Quality Management System – Requirements for Regulatory Purposes and compliance with RDC 16/2013- BPF – Boas Práticas de Fabricação – ANVISA requirements (Brazilian standard similar to GMP – FDA/US).

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By purchasing our equipment, you will count with the biggest technical assistance network in Brazil. It is more than 370 points in the country and in more than 30 countries in Latin America, Europe and Asia.

How to use the Cristófoli Autoclaves

The Vitale Class CD 12 liters attends the needs of medical clinics (dermatology and ophthalmology), dental clinics (endodontics, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, prosthesis and dentistry), manicurists, podiatrists, beauticians, tattoo studios and body piercing. The Class CD 21 Autoclave attends medical clinics (gynecology, plastic surgery, dermatology & ophthalmology), laboratories, outpatient clinics and veterinary clinics. It has an intelligent software that guarantees sterilization safety. Everything is easier to use with the screen that shows real time information’s, with messages and warnings that guides you about the stages of the entire cycle.

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Autoclave Vitale Class CD Cristófoli

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