Vitale Class 21 Liters Autoclave

Vitale Class 21 Liters Autoclave

Vitale Class 21 Liters Autoclave

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Class S Autoclave, developed for sterilization of packed and unpacked heat-resistant articles/instruments using saturated steam under pressure.

The equipment is produced within the most strict quality standards, having a traceability system according to the NBR ISO 13485 standard.


Digital and easy to use.

Modern design.

Automatic dual voltage – 127/220V which allows the equipment to operate in voltage ranges between 95 and 254V.

Single sterilization program.

Temperature and pressure indicated by LEDs.

Automatic deaeration and depressurization.

21 liters capacity.

Blue control keyboard.

Stainless steel lid and chamber, which makes cleaning easier.

3 anodized aluminium trays.

Efficient drying with door ajar.

It has 21 security systems including door key and door lock, electronic data crossing system and electronic power control system.

Altitude adjustment system.

1-year warranty.

For further information, see the manual.

Cristófoli, brazilian importing company and manufacturer of health care products certified by ISO 13485 – Health care Products – Quality Management System – Requirements for Regulatory Purposes and compliance with RDC 665/2022 - BPF – Boas Práticas de Fabricação – ANVISA requirements (Brazilian standard similar to GMP - FDA/US). 

Color White with blue control keyboard
Capacity 21 liters
Chamber Stainless steel
Power 1.600 Watts
Voltage Automatic dual voltage
Energy Consumption 623 Watts/hour
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Dimensions Autoclave: 38 x 38 x 59 cm (L x A x P) / Chamber: 24,6 x 45,2 cm (D x P)
Gross Weight 25,5 kg
Trays Dimensions 19 x 1,2 x 38 cm (one-size-fits-all)
Warranty 1 year
ANVISA Register 10363350017

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PPI - Passo a Passo Indicador Biológico.pdf
Certificado de Registro - ANVISA - Autoclaves (3).pdf
CCE-Certificado-Cristofoli-para-Estabelecimento-Rev.1-2017 (17).pdf
Manual Vitale Class 12-21 Português Rev.6 - 2023 - MPR.01958.pdf
Manual Vitale Class 12-21 Espanhol Rev.4 - 2023 - MPR-01961.pdf
Manual Vitale Class 12-21 Inglês Rev 2.pdf
FLEE - Flyer Etapas da Esterilização Rev.2- 2021.jpg
CMER - Controle da Monitorização da Esterilização - Registros Rev.6 - 2023.pdf
PPIE - Passo a Passo Indicador Biológico Espanhol Rev.4 - 2023.pdf

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