Indicador Químico Emulador TST

Indicador Químico Emulador TST

Emulator / Integrator Class 6 Self-adhesive. To monitor steam sterilization cycles.
Indicator / chemical emulator (class 6 integrator) developed for the monitoring and evaluation of sterilization cycles in steam autoclaves.

  • Evaluates specific cycles when exposed for at least 5.3 minutes at 134°C, 15 minutes at 121°C or 8 minutes at 127°C.
  • When the sterilization is successful the test area will change from yellow to dark blue / purple uniform.
  • The TST Control Indicators / Emulators utilize advanced thermochromic technology developed to react only when exposed to conditions tested to make items sterile.
  • Presentation: Box with 25 self-adhesive units.
  • Accompanies book "Registration System for Autoclaves".
  • Useful life stated on the product packaging.
  • Manufacturer: Browne.

For further information, refer to the manual of instructions.

This product is imported and distributed by Cristófoli, a Brazilian importing company and manufacturer of health care products certified by ISO 13485 – Health care Products – Quality Management System – Requirements for Regulatory Purposes and compliance with RDC 16/2013- BPF – Boas Práticas de Fabricação – ANVISA requirements (Brazilian standard similar to GMP – FDA/US).

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Chemical Indicator Emulator TST

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