Protex-R - Sterilization Rolls

Protex-R - Sterilization Rolls

Protex-R - Sterilization Rolls

  • Product Code: Embalagem Tubular para Esterilização Protex-R
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Packaging in rolls for sterilization processes by saturated steam under pressure.

Surgical Grade Paper (minimum weight of 60 g/m2) in conformity to the requirements of the ABNT NBR 14990-2 standard.

Plastic film composed by two layers of polyethylene/polypropylene (minimum weight of 54 g/m2) bonded with non-toxic adhesive.

Permeable to steam and air, impermeable to microorganisms, resistant to heat, free of microbial nutrients and toxic residues.

High film transparency for visualization of the packed material.

Includes a process chemical indicator specific for steam, which indicates that the material was subjected to a sterilization process.

Triple multilineal sealing which provides greater safety to the sterilized material, with a minimal sealing width of 6 mm, according to ABNT NBR 14990-9 (Anexo C) standard requirements.

Opening direction indicator on the packaging.

Available sizes: 10 cm x 100 m / 15 cm x 100 m / 20 cm x 100 m / 25 cm x 100 m e 30 cm x 100 m.

Expiration: 2 years after the manufacturing date.

For further information, see the instructions on the product package.

Cristófoli, brazilian importing company and manufacturer of health care products certified by ISO 13485 – Health care Products – Quality Management System – Requirements for Regulatory Purposes and compliance with RDC 665/2022 - BPF – Boas Práticas de Fabricação – ANVISA requirements (Brazilian standard similar to GMP - FDA/US).

Shelf Life 2 years (from the manufacture date)
Dimensions (W x L) 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 cm x 100 m
Gross Weight 10 cm x 100 m - 1,3 Kg / 15 cm x 100 m - 1,9 Kg / 20 cm x 100 m - 2,5 Kg / 25 cm x 100 m - 3,1 Kg/ 30 cm x 100 m - 3,8 Kg

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